Welcome toGreentree Pediatric Dentistry!
Our goal is to give each young patient a foundation of confident oral health that lasts a lifetime. Led by Dr. Maren Pratt, our practice is dedicated to providing outstanding dental care to children of all ages and abilities, from the first tooth through adolescence.
Dr. Pratt is passionate about creating a positive experience for every child from the moment they walk through our doors. We’re different in that we’re not a dental practice that also serves young patients. From the design of our space to our unique approach, we’re dedicated to caring exclusively for children of all ages and abilities

Early Dental Care

Good oral health starts in a child’s infancy: Little ones should see a dentist once their first tooth comes in. Click here to learn more about our options for Early Dental Care.

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Preventative Dental Care

It’s important to identify and prevent potential issues before they become a more serious problem. We do this through regular dental exams, fluoride treatments, and space maintenance. Click here to view our full list of Preventative Dental Care services.

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Restorative Dental Care

When cavities or broken teeth do occur, we ensure they’re repaired as smoothly and painlessly as possible with methods like fillings, crowns, and interceptive orthodontic care. Click here to view our full list of Restorative Dental Care services.

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Sports Dental Care

Children who participate in sports (especially contact sports) need sufficient physical protection, including their teeth. Protective gear such as properly-fitted mouth guards and face masks are a necessity. In the event an oral injury does happen, we’re fully equipped to handle it quickly. Learn more about Sports Dental Care here.

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Emergency Dental Care

When a dental problem is significant and a child is in serious pain, waiting for a scheduled appointment isn’t an option. That’s why we have the resources to offer emergency same-day visits so that we can treat the issue ASAP. Click here to learn more about Emergency Dental Care.

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Greentree Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing exceptional dental care for children. In addition to having a high standard of dental care, we also have a high standard of emotional care. We believe in cultivating patient relationships based on trust and understanding. Oral health and hygiene are crucial to your child’s happiness and well-being, and regular dental care is the number one way to maintain strong, healthy teeth. Click here to schedule an appointment today!