While we do emphasize a preventative approach when it comes to protecting kids’ smiles, we are also fully equipped to restore the appearance and overall health of your child’s smile if they experience tooth loss or damage from disease, injury, or other causes. It’s important to quickly seek proper treatment and dental reconstruction for lost or damaged teeth in order to relieve the child’s discomfort and prevent further damage.

We prioritize your child’s comfort and calmness each and every time they visit our office, which is why we offer sedation dentistry options, such as general anesthesia, for patients who would prefer to be asleep during certain restorative procedures. At Greentree Pediatric Dentistry, we work hand-in-hand with you and your child to develop a path to optimal oral health through comprehensive dental care and compassionate emotional care. Learn more about the Restorative Dental Care services we offer below.


The most common procedure in restorative dentistry, fillings are used to repair a tooth that has been compromised by decay. More than 40% of children 2 to 11 have had cavities in their primary teeth that require fillings. For decades, the only type of filling available was amalgam –a mixture of silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. However, most of our patients today prefer tooth-colored composite fillings. These biocompatible fillings work in harmony with the natural tooth structure, and once bonded in the position they create a very strong and stable restoration. If you think your child may have a cavity, click here to schedule an appointment.


When a child’s tooth is cracked, broken, or impacted by damage to the dental pulp, our experienced pediatric dentists will usually recommend a dental crown to repair the affected tooth. A dental crown is a restoration that covers or “caps” a tooth, returning it to its normal size and shape while strengthening it and protecting it from further cracking or breakage. Dental crowns are necessary when a tooth is broken down to the point where a filling won’t be effective, or following a pediatric root canal wherein part of the tooth’s nerve has been removed. If your child has a broken or damaged tooth, click here to schedule an appointment ASAP.

Root Canals

Pediatric root canals are used to treat issues associated with a child’s dental pulp, which is the softcore found inside the tooth. The dental pulp runs down from the top of the tooth to the root and is responsible for providing nutrients that further the growth of the teeth. Since damage to the dental pulp can lead to rapid tooth decay, we identify problems early on and then determine the best course of action. If necessary, our team of skilled pediatric dentists will perform a root canal to extract the infected pulp chamber and install a crown to protect the remaining nerve tissue. If your child has been experiencing any oral discomfort, click here to schedule an appointment

Intraceptive Orthodontic Care

The earlier we catch a problem with your child’s bite and jaw development, the easier it is to repair.

Early-stage orthodontic care is not a necessity for every patient, though it is often recommended to make room for permanent teeth, correct abnormal eruption of permanent teeth, and fix crossbites that may lead to asymmetrical growth. The majority of interceptive orthodontic care can be fulfilled via the wearing of comfortable acrylic appliances and retainers and is often completed in fewer than six months.

Click here to schedule an appointment and discuss options for making your child’s future smile as straight as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While cosmetic procedures are not a primary focus of pediatric dentistry, there are circumstances in which they may be recommended. If your child has sustained a minor break or chip in a tooth, dental bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored composite to repair the affected area in a single visit. If your child has discolored teeth due to improper care or the use of braces, we offer teeth whitening to eliminate self-consciousness and restore pride and confidence in their smile. If your child’s smile could use a few touch-ups, click here to schedule an appointment.